Comhar SEO has met with man Real Estate Professionals concerning SEO & Online Marketing. Moreover, most are not open to the new age of advertising via the internet.

Google is a mystery to people. One may shy away from the VAST POTENTIAL that a TOP MONTREAL SEO can provide.

Recent statistics show that REAL ESTATE Google searches have shot up 250%. Potential home buyers simply turn to Google and other major search engines for top real estate professionals.

Therefore, our MONTREAL SEO AGENCY will help pull organic online traffic to your company web site & personal profile. This is what our MONTREAL SEO AGENCY  does!

Ultimately, it can be suggested that MONTREAL SEO or Montreal Search Engine Optimization will help close a deal faster than any other form of advertising.

A great example of how Comhar SEO views MONTREAL SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION is similar to buying a home vs. renting a home. Investment in Montreal SEO is building equity in your brand. Consequently, if you do NOT budget for MONTREAL SEO SERVICES, you are simply running on borrowed time (much like renting).

Moreover, think of the following MONTREAL SEO SUGGESTIONS when considering MONTREAL ONLINE MARKETING:


GOOGLE’S TARGET KEYWORD PLANNER, is a tool determines the key words pertaining to online searches. Most “would be”  home buyers start with key words similar to, for example: “Montreal Real Estate Agents”.


Google appreciates good content. Good content is something that jumps your MONTREAL SEO to Google 1st page rankings. Web sites with great blogs receive around 65% more online traffic. Post fantastic content about your niche. Use articles pertaining to Home Renovation, Home Design & Home re-modelling.

In the end, Comhar SEO, a Montreal SEO is there for all potential clients seeking to boost MONTREAL SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. We hope this information was helpful.

Consistently updating your online profile

After looking up the keyword information for your industry, jump in to the world of Montreal Online Marketing using the target keywords for your desired page ONE ranking on GOOGLE  and all other major search engines. Comhar SEO a MONTREAL SEO company will break down this process for you. Keep in mind, you cannot over optimize your website. This is when you use the exact same  keywords or key phrases too often in your web sites content.

Business directories, social media marketing & citations

It is imperative to get your web site on over thirty social media profiles, business directories and citations. Ultimately, this will boost your MONTREAL SEO. Social media is a great avenue to generate brand awareness. Posting new SALES on Pinterest, Tumblr and other social media sites will generate a buzz for your brand. Our Montreal SEO Services will obtain this for you!


Mobile phones are very powerful tools. Potential home buyers use their mobile phones more often than laptop computers. Therefore, as a business professional, you must capitalize. It is crucial that your MONTREAL SEO SPECIALIST maintains a mobile friendly web page. If your web page is NOT mobile compatible, you are loosing out on searchers using their cell phones in an effort to find a new home.

In the end, Comhar SEO, a Montreal SEO is there for all potential clients seeking to boost MONTREAL SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. We hope this information was helpful.

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COMHAR SEO receives daily questions such as: “what makes webpages rank higher on Google other search engines?“.

This is a difficult question to answer because the Google algorithm is changing daily.

SEMrush is a firm that COMHAR SEO consults with for important, up to date SEO data. SEMrush has analyzed what is considered to be major factors for high Google Montreal SEO rankings.

SEMrush has been used by the TOP SEO AGENCIES IN MONTREAL and around the globe for many years. They provide great SEO TOOLS & data that help Montreal SEO’s & Digital Marketing Agencies around the world – boost online rankings.

SEMrush believes, with the over five hundred thousand keywords that they analyzed to achieve 1st Google rankings – a machine learning algorithm was used to determine the 12 major components to solidify 1st page Google rankings.

For every URL, these elements were anylized:

Google has been partial to ULR’S that are SECURED. Websites with a HTTPS protocol attached to the secured domain name or URL.

Congruently, the data retrieved proves that the higher the web site positioning on Google, the increased number of domains attached with HTTPS and the increased keyword percentages, the HTTPS domains can be viewed on SERP rankings.

Therefore, it is imperative that SSL certificates & HTTPS certification for your web site is received.

Moreover, unique domains featured in your backlink profile is a crucial component for high MONTREAL SEO Google rankings. The backlink profile for your web page must be diverse and safe domains suitable to your market.

Web Sites that pop up on SERPs for high-abundance of keywords have up to 10 times more backlinks than low volume keywords.

So, clear-cut backlinks that are secured authorities in your specific market is huge!

Furthermore, the amount time searchers spend on a web site is called “BOUNCE RATE” &  the number of pages per visit to your web site aids to determine user conduct patterns.

This data can determine:

a) Content is attractive

b) Manner of which the reader reacts to the content of your webpage

c) The exploring on the site is handy

A web page’s BOUNCE RATE is the number of searchers that depart from the site after perusing one page. Higher positioning on Google rankings  = A bounce rate that is very low.  The number of URL’s viewed on the web site plus the time to read the content will help Google rankings for MONTREAL SEO in your market.

It is critical that your web site is user-friendly. Likewise, it is preferred that all content on the web site is itemized precisely so your searcher will find what they are looking for.

In the end, our Montreal Digital Marketing Agency – COMHAR SEO is confident that this article provided you value.  Contact us today for any of your MONTREAL SEO needs.