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Comhar SEO is a Montreal SEO Expert. We wish to inform you that Search Engine Optimization can help your online profile & your construction company’s brand. This will increase sales revenues and your bottom line! A recent blog authored by the Construction Marketing Association that states:

Google has increasingly favoured local businesses in its search engine results. Local search is affecting industries across the board and construction is no exception. Moz recently released the most important SEO factors and were extraordinarily thorough. We have condensed the results into a list of its 10 key SEO ranking factors”.

Therefore, MONTREAL SEO is a huge tool to grow your brand! We are the Best Montreal Online Marketing Agency & will bring your brand maximum online visibility!

Back in the day, the Yellow Pages was the marketing venue for professionals. However, in the year 2017 – would be clients use GOOGLE to find service professionals ans trades.

Ultimately, SEO is the only way to establish first page ranking on Google.

A recent study demonstrates that 97 percent searches for local businesses are via the internet. In order to dominate the local “search war,” you must be diligent and properly localize your company web site. The NAP (name, address, phone number) must be identical wherever your site is listed on the world wide web. Also, geo tagging your content is crucial to determine your band location.

Comhar SEO is a MTL SEO AGENCY that will format ON PAGE SEO. ON PAGE SEO is the elements on your webpage like: keyword, url, meta description & inbound / outbound links are so important for a quality SEO strategy. On-page SEO includes meta tagging. Moreover, meta descriptions, image tags and title tags fall under the meta tag definition.

Also, when analyzing the tagging format of your web site, one must make sure all “TAGS” have links to the construction services that your company offers and geographic location. KEY WORDS listed in the URL of your web site will help boost your ranking on Google.

Link building is crucial for high rankings on Google. Linking your web site to relevant sites in your niche is a good SEO starting point.

Citations are a valuable for Montreal SEO’s. Citations are where your business appears on the world wide web. Directories, Local blogs and industry-specific blogs are great for optimization of your landing page.

Google+ allows the user to create a profile for your business that will therefore help your company’s local Google ranking. You simply claim your local listing and create the profile. Google+ must be filled out with quality information that is related to the construction services that your company offers.

Establishing a fair budget will increase the percentages of 1st visibility on Google. You will only get billed when the pay per click add is ‘Clicked”. Google Adwords is a great Pay Per Click tool and is easily organized to demonstrate the number of views, clicks & geographic location for the viewing of the add.

Review Sites

Review’s for your business is a great tool to help with ranking online. Page’s like Google+ & Yelp provide a great venue to increase the likely hood of your clients providing positive feedback on your business. Comhar SEO suggests to link these pages to your landing pages in order to facilitate the review process for your clients.

In the end

A website that has the above will help increase the search authority and boost ranking on all search engines. On Page & Off page SEO are strategies that will boost your online visibility.

We hope this brought you some value.

The Team @ Comhar SEO